GISTU (Windows open and windows close.)-20 September 2021

Cup of Wisdom (We must learn to see beyond packaging.)-20 September 2021
September 28, 2021
Cup of Wisdom (Praying is not merely talking to God.)-21 September 2021
September 28, 2021

GISTU (Windows open and windows close.)-20 September 2021

◇Windows open and windows close. You are in a season of Windows and Not Doors. Reach up and unlock the Window to your destiny. Unchain what you have allowed becoming chained through disbelief. Stop running from what is clearly before you. The cave within your mind cannot hold what I am about to do in your life.

◇It is time to come out into the open. Rest not in the opinions of those who did not create you. They see your lack more than your potential. I am the cure for your lack and I already know your full potential in Me.

◇Many have come into illegal headships over them. These people have sought to hold you back by controlling what I will do in and through you. They make excuses as to why you are not ready, but I am the One who makes a person ready.

◇Did I ask if you were supposed to feel ready as well? What you feel is not a reflection of the reality that it is time to soar higher than the clouds and lower than the ant below. Make room and space for the indwelling of My Anointing rising up from within your earthen vessel.



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