There is a secret garden in your heart – GISTU 25 June 2021

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June 25, 2021
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There is a secret garden in your heart – GISTU 25 June 2021

●The Father says today, there is a secret garden in your heart. Awake, awake you sleeper. Will you unlock the latch of your heart as I knock? Be aroused from your slumber and hear Me calling. I call to you My dove, My flawless one. My glory is this day as the dampness of the night, and I am drenching you with the morning dew and refreshing you with My spiced wine and nectar of pomegranates.

◇I am nourishing you with My honeycomb and milk and feeding you with My honey and wine. You sleep but your heart is awakened this day. I am drawing you out of the wilderness and into a fruitful place. You alone hold the key to the garden of delights, and no one can take it from you. You alone can unlock the garden gate and bid Me come.

●We share the garden together, in a secret place. Breathe in the fragrance of My presence. Smell the scents of My garden as the winds of the Spirit blow upon the garden beds of spices. Walk among the gardens of lilies and blooms of the sweet roses of Sharon. Browse the beauty of the garden with Me. I am knocking and I am waiting to be invited into the secret garden of your heart. There we will gather the spices and myrrh. 

◇There we will eat of honeycomb and honey. There we will drink of the new wine and sweet milk. There we will look upon the vineyards and the groves for the blossoms and the fruit and there will we partake of our love. Now they will say, who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved? Many waters cannot quench the love I have for you, My sister, My bride, My beloved.



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