GISTU (There is a New Horizon.)- 29 September 2021

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September 28, 2021
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October 17, 2021

GISTU (There is a New Horizon.)- 29 September 2021

●There is a New Horizon. One that will bring Hope and Blessing to the war-torn land. I will turn clockwise what was moving counterclockwise. My mysteries confound the people. They look for things to work on man’s terms, but I do not work on man’s terms. Take Heart. The long dry wait is over.

◇I will shift even the gloomiest of faces with My beaming joy. Many have allowed the enemy to turn their hearts hard in the waiting. Find that you are being transformed out of what tried to consume you. There is a rebirth on the horizon. One that resets into My Glory.

●I will take your breath away. Many shout that if I was for something then it would have happened in normal progression. Listen closely, I allowed Pharaoh’s heart to harden even greater in order for him to chase Moses, and in that wicked heart against My people did he perish.

◇Do not think for a moment that you are not witnessing the same moments before your eyes. Evil always believes it will be victorious, but NO! Rest in My arms and watch what I do next.

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