GISTU (I have you in the palm of My Hand.)-26 July 2020

GISTU ( No one can stop what My Voice has commanded over your life.)-24 July 2021
July 27, 2021
GISTU (Be hungry for the things of My Kingdom.)-28 July 2021
August 12, 2021

GISTU (I have you in the palm of My Hand.)-26 July 2020

◇Today let My Spirit wash over you cleansing and purging of pain that you have held onto for far too long. Many thought carrying this torch was necessary. Some thought that drawing attention would allow the matter to become rectified. Now years have passed and you feel alone in a dark room. I Am the Light and your Healer. Stop carrying what no one should. Trust that I have the best outcome if only you allow Me full access.

◇I am taking you out of what you have placed yourself into. You cannot stay here, for your destiny will surely slip away from you over this matter. There are times to stand your ground and times to let it wash over you. Learn to discern what is keeping you bound and what will set you free. Even the weight of a balloon tied to your wrist can be enough distraction to derail your purpose in the Kingdom. Moments can be turning into decades if you do not stay wise in your dealings. I have you in the palm of My Hand.



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    Powerful 🙌🏽🔥

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