GISTU (Guard your thoughts.)-16 September 2021

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September 28, 2021
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September 28, 2021

GISTU (Guard your thoughts.)-16 September 2021

◇Guard your thoughts. There are forces that are looking to plant seeds in your heart that are not of My Kingdom. What you allow to be planted will be watered when you hold these lies as truth. What takes root will lead you away from My Light.

◇Stop and think about who is benefiting from your engagement in this area. What you allow to weigh you down will immobilize your life. Use Discernment and Be Wise in this hour.

◇Know that when a word is released over your life, the enemy will come against that promise. What seems like an easy path will suddenly have obstacles and pits to avoid.

◇Warfare does indeed increase, but when you refuse to let go, you will see that promise delivered into your life. Even when things look opposite and backward, keep pressing in for you are indeed going from Glory to Glory. You will make it and everything will be ok! Trust in My love for you. I will not fail.



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