GISTU (Generations are paying forward into your life.)-12 August 2021

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August 12, 2021
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August 22, 2021

GISTU (Generations are paying forward into your life.)-12 August 2021

โ—‡Generations are paying forward into your life. Are you allowing others to fill you up with godly wisdom? Have I not said that My word will not return void. Even when previous generations were unable to reap the harvest, all was not lost and nothing will be wasted. I have recorded all that is due. Generational Blessings are in full interest ready to be poured out to My people. You can learn something so invaluable from someone you would have discounted on the street corner.

โ—‡A blessing is a blessing even when the world views a person as a sinner only. My Grace extends beyond the titles and surface view, for I show favor to the sinner and the saint alike. Even while you were a sinner, I still cared for every need and called you unto Me. Will, I did not do the same for the ones who have yet to be found? I specialize in finding the Lost and Wounded. For what the enemy meant to rob, I will restore. Be a people who have My Heart as their heart. The harvest is before you.

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