GISTU (FLEE)-10 August 2021

Cup of Wisdom (Keep Clean and grow stronger in your faith)-9 August 2021
August 12, 2021
Cup of Wisdom (ANOINTING)-10 August 2021
August 12, 2021

GISTU (FLEE)-10 August 2021

●How can you be in a room with the OPPOSITE SEX, and the atmosphere is sexually charged, and you are praying? Praying what?

●What happened to your legs? Where you wheeled into the room?

●Listen, Jesus turned water to wine. He didn’t turn the Potipher’s wife’s atmosphere into an atmosphere of His glory.

~When He admonished us to FLEE, He wasn’t mincing words. Don’t say you can handle it. I can handle it, I can handle it has landed many into sexual immorality.

◇FLEE when the atmosphere is lacking God’s presence

◇FLEE when your sexual urges start rising

◇FLEE when your Spirit is still struggling to succumb

◇FLEE! Don’t say you are the brother or sisters coordinator…. FLEE

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