Cup of Wisdom (Worship has an Aroma) – 26 June 2021

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Cup of Wisdom (Worship has an Aroma) – 26 June 2021

Now the most important aspect we need to understand about worship is that WORSHIP HAS AN AROMA OR IS LIKE INCENSE

Anytime we go before God we raise an aroma Psalm 141:2 let the lifting of my hands be as an evening sacrifice

When you raise a sweet smelling aroma, it becomes like incense and Gods presence comes down to fellowship with you

This is how men ought to win battles Sometimes those battles dont need you to be a warrior those battles need you to be a worshipper

Because worship brings God down to your situation via the sweet aroma you raise

Worship is an important tool for breakthrough. Worship is admitting to God that He is still God, sovereign and supreme regardless of what we see unfolding around us



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