Cup of Wisdom (We are at war!) -10 July 2021

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July 9, 2021
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Cup of Wisdom (We are at war!) -10 July 2021

We are at war.
A Christian’s life is a life of warfare. And the adversary is at all times roaring like a lion seeking to devour.

The moment we understand that we are at war, we will be soldiers who are alert and ready to move.

In this war, the enemy often plants weeds or steals from the garden before you reap.

Such that you will end up harvesting counterfeits, corrupted results, or may not harvest at all.

This is why we need to be consistent with God. To be alert at all times and to pray at all times.

Like the man who asked for bread from his neighbor and Got it because of His persistence.

It releases Warrior angels to come to our aid and release what the enemy had held on to.

John 10:10

Mathew 13:26

1 Peter 5:7

Daniel 10:13

Luke 11:8

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