Cup of Wisdom (Counsel)-12 January 2022

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January 27, 2022
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January 27, 2022

Cup of Wisdom (Counsel)-12 January 2022

Pro 15:22 KJV Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors, they are established.

Pro 20:18 KJV Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war.

Two types of counsel:-

  1. Divine Counsel.
  2. Man’s counsel
    This is often based on either experience or the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

Man’s counsel, as helpful as it could be, should be weighed.
Because the bible says in
2 Samuel 16:23 KJV And the counsel of Ahithophel, which he counseled in those days, was as if a man had enquired at the oracle of God: so was all the counsel of Ahithophel both with David and with Absalom.

Meaning men can counsel and sound as if it came from God when it actually did not.

God often puts the counsel of men along your way to:-

  1. Keep you from Danger. Like Hushai did to David 2 Samuel 16 and 17
  2. Become your destiny helpers
  3. Counter whatever beliefs or counsel you already possess.

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