Count it all Joy – GISTU 30th Nov 2020

Blessed are the Pure in Heart – 1st Dec 2020
December 1, 2020

Count it all Joy – GISTU 30th Nov 2020

●Count it all joy for you are worthy to be tested. Trials will come but this is merely an opportunity for you to move up and be given more from My Kingdom. When you were young, you could not image one day graduating but that time did indeed come to pass.

●Testing refines your character and allows you to shine even brighter. Do not despise the lessons that bring wisdom and strength. I will not waste what comes your way and a deeper blessing will surround you as you decide to look for My Good and not what the enemy is attempting to do in your heart and mind. You do have a choice.

●What brings a challenge is what will make you in the end. What you learn will mean nothing if you are not able to use what you have taken in. You are a threat to the enemy. You carry My Light and Presence. Never forget that you are already seated in Heavenly Places.

●Your inheritance is yours and you will not be denied. Walk in My ways and forsake the desires of the world. I will give you an abundance of favor that will chase you to the end of your days. You will come out better, so rejoice for your redeemer is before you.



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  1. Brian Omondi says:

    Such a wonderful word

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